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The emergence of Social Media brought about a revolution on the internet. Moreover, the wave of impact has hit the entire world, changing the ordinary lifestyles of people around the world. It does not imply that social media made everything upside down or worse.  But of course, we are at a point where we can say “social media really matter”. In the world of social media, Facebook has become the trending one social network. Its popularity has grabbed a lot of users during the past few years. But, what really matters is with who are you connected, who sees your posts and is it really safe out there in Facebook.  Further, some people do not even bother to think twice when they are accepting a friend request. If you are one of the kinds, keep reading below story which went viral on Facebook. It warns you why you must be very careful in handling social media.

This post was disclosed by an ex-police officer with the intention of sharing why prevention is better than cure.

Here the story begins. The day your cute little baby girl first steps to her school, obviously she would be looking prettier in her new uniform. So what! Probably you will take a nice snap of her and post it in your Facebook profile together with an eye-catching caption. Meanwhile, you get a friend request from an unknown guy. But his profile picture looks so smart and you accept it at a glance.

Social Media

While you enjoy comments from your family and friends, for your daughter’s photo on Facebook, the stranger you accepted a few hours ago is saving that little girl’s photo into his mobile phone. Next, he is texting that photograph to 60 other grown men around the world together with the caption-

‘American Female. Age 5.
Brown Hair. Black Eyes.

You are not aware of anything which is about to happen to your little princess whom you dropped into the school this morning. You just keep wandering to hear her comments about “The first day at school”. Yes, that is normal to be excited as another proud mom who feels that your kid has grown up. Then the time you are waiting for arrived, and that afternoon you are waiting for your girl to be popped up at the school gate. But, unexpectedly, your baby girl is not there!

Social Media


And now you realize that you are too late. You posted the exact place your girl is going, at what time you will pick her up, and even a photograph of her. Remember the strange man became friends with you this morning? Yes, he was a child trafficker! OMG. The morning itself that strange man has sold your little girl to a 43 years old pedophile. And she is heading into South Africa with that stranger, without even knowing who he is, where they will go, what will happen to her and where her parents are. Your baby girl is so confused, terrified and crying for you.

Social Media

At least now you must accept the fact that there is a DANGER in adding strangers as friends on FACEBOOK.  And remember that keep some privacy to you when posting things on Facebook. You need not share each and every bit of your life in Social Media. Keep in mind that a lot of strangers are stalking at your profile to steal your data. Moreover, it’s not only data but it can be your loving child. Don’t let others keep track of your loved ones’ lives.

Make sure your loving children are safe. Be aware of how to maintain privacy in social media. Never let an avoidable mistake happen and then suffer or worry. Be wise, use social media but do not let social media to use you.

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