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simple life hacks to MS diagnosed and MS treatments(multiple sclerosis)

To tackle a decease like multiple sclerosis or most commonly known MS people have tried different techniques for centuries. Among them, the most effective one was the complementary therapies. These therapies help the multiple sclerosis patients to manage the deceased very effectively. These treatments not only depress the MS symptoms but also it helps to improve the patient’s moral and mental well-being. This helps the MS diagnosed patients to feel better and move on with their life. So here are some simple life hacks to MS diagnosed patient such as the yoga for MS

1. Muscle Relaxation Therapy for MS diagnosed patients


Most commonly this therapy is known as Progressive muscle relaxation therapy or PMRT. The brilliant technique was originally found in the late 1920s. These multiple sclerosis therapies are based on the MS diagnosed patient’s mind and his muscles in an interactive manner. So during this relaxation technique patients are consulted to feel the tension of their muscles and then release it. By doing this voluntary muscle tensioning and relaxing in the whole body from hands down to the toes the MS diagnosed patients will suppress all kinds of MS-related symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety and sleep quality. And also this can be mentioned as one of the best a pain distracting techniques.

Another common symptom found in MS diagnosed patients is spasticity. It is the condition of lacking myelin sheath in the nerves running through the brain and spinal cords which are responsible for the nerve impulses in the body. This relaxation therapy can be a simple life hack for all the multiple sclerosis patients which suffer from muscle strains.


2. Breathing exercises as a simple life hack


In other words, meditation can be used as a simple life hack to overcome multiple sclerosis. Not only for multiple sclerosis patients but anyone can use meditation as a simple life hack. Many types of research show that regardless as a therapy technique by practicing meditation in a correct manner anyone can be benefited from following things. It includes reduction of anxiety, depression, pain, and stress. As an added feature this meditation can be combined with progressive muscle relaxation therapy for more results to obtain.

3. Yoga for MS diagnosed patients


Yoga is based on a common concept of unifying the body and mind. It is an ancient Indian exercise ritual practiced for many generations. They believe that practicing different patterns of breathing, body postures, and relaxations can help to ease the pressure and live a long happy life. Yoga for MS can vary in a vast range and styles. As an example Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga, two yoga styles which concentrate on strenuous. And yoga for MS like Hatha is much focused on breathing patterns. But the therapists in multiple sclerosis mention that most suitable yoga for MS diagnosed patients is the hot yoga which is carried out in a very hot environment.

Credits: Rob Melnychuk / Getty Images

Just like the other two simple life hacks the yoga for MS can be carried out to gain many benefits such as reduction of anxiety and most importantly improve your mental and physical balance Yoga is also a good alternative to aerobic exercise, and exercise is strongly supported by the National MS Society as a part of your MS care. In fact, one study in Neurology found that yoga was just as effective as an aerobic therapy in improving fatigue in people with MS

All three techniques we mentioned above can be used to ease your most troublesome painful MS symptoms and as another added bonus is that there are no side effects in any of these above-mentioned relaxation therapies.

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