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Remarkable skills of ancient Peruvian even modern medicine couldn’t explain

With the advancement of modern medical industry, brain surgery is nothing more than a simple scenario. With all kinds of highly advanced materials and great anesthesia techniques, the parts of the skull can be removed with no difficulties. Now craniofacial surgeons are available all around the world with many abilities. But according to the University of Miami David S. Kushner, M.D., clinical professor all these techniques were also used by the ancient Peruvian doctors.

Remarkable skills of Peru people

From more than thousand years before in the ancient Peruvian civilization their craniofacial surgeons have carried out craniofacial surgeons. Stuff, like scraping, cutting, or drilling an opening into the cranium which is carried out by modern medicine, was also done successfully back then.  Possibly they have done these things to overcome things like headaches. Or head traumas, seizures as a way to expel demons from the human body as they believe.

But as the new study of University of Miami Miller School of Medicine’s leading clinical professor David S. Kushner, M.D states this in a different manner. He says that trepanation or the process of cutting, drilling, scraping or opening into the cranium had an excellent success rate in Peru people.  As a matter of fact, the survival rate was twice more effective than the survival rate in American civil war time even with better trained craniofacial surgeons and equipment.

Peru craniofacial surgeon never got modern medicine


Credit: University of Miami

In the June version of World Neurosurgery, they have revealed the answer for this centuries-old question. The main cause for this high unsuccessful rate in craniofacial surgeons.Because during the American civil war times it lacks the hygiene factor. Or in other words in the civil war, the doctors had to use all kinds of unsterilized equipment even their own fingers to conduct surgeries. They believe during the ancient Peruvian times they subjected their craniofacial surgeon equipment to a high sterilization process.

Ancient Peruvian secret

We still exactly can’t know for sure what they have used to sterilize their craniofacial surgeon equipment. But their success rate proves that they did a pretty good job while doing so. Also, there is no any kind of evidence to know what kind of anesthesia they used for these surgeries. But by looking at Peru people’s ancient skulls we can know for sure that they have used some kind of anesthesia. Maybe they have use coca leave or any kind of fermented beverage, we will never know.

Whatever the techniques they used as craniofacial surgeons there were plenty of practices carries out on it which can overcome modern medicine. Over 800 prehistoric skulls of Peru people will prove the fact. The oldest skull found in ancient Peruvian civilization dates back to 400 B.C. And the number of skulls found in Andean highlands of Peru will be more than the number. The craniofacial surgical skulls found in the rest of the world.  The researchers guess the success rate of these ancient Peruvian craniofacial surgeon by classifying the extent of bone remodeling around the trepanned holes, which indicates healing. If there were no remodeling or evidence in healing the researchers guessed that it was a failed surgery.

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