how to stop bullying your lunch bag, perfect solution for cyberbully

In the modern society, small children get bullied all the time in many different ways. With the advancement of technology, people are going towards whole new levels of bullying such as cyberbullying. Every kid doesn’t have that courage to stand against cyberbullying and these bad memories of his or her childhood will haunt them for their entire life. Although we don’t care, bullying effects may harm someone’s psychological well-being in a far worst manner than we think. This is a story about an amazing uncle who successfully defended his nephew from such a cyberbullying using a very effective anti-bullying concept. You won’t believe the results he got after his amazing trick on lunch bags.

Even a colorful lunch bag will need an anti-bullying technique

Image source: Emily Fowler

David Pendragon is the name of this great uncle’s name who successfully applied the anti-bullying concept to stop the bad bullying effects on his nephew.  According to him his Cousin Emily’s son loved cats some much. In fact, his 10-year-old nephew Ryker saw a lunch bag with colorful cats in it. He was desperate to buy it and bring it every day to the school. But this poor kid Ryker had no idea what’s going to happen next. Because of the colors and because of the fact that it has cats on it, this innocent kid was subjected to series of bullying effects.  After these cyberbullying incidents Ryker even stopped taking lunch to school.

Epic way to respond to cyberbullying

Image source: Emily Fowler
Image source: David Pendragon

The brave Uncle David Pendragon noticed that something is terribly going wrong with his nephew and had a small talk with him. Then only he realized that how devastating bullying effect can be. So he came up with a brilliant idea to save his loving nephew from this disaster. David Pendragon bought the same lunch bag which Ryker had and decided to bring that lunch bag to work. He even took some photos with the lunch bag and posted online.

Bullying effects may also have a plus side

After posting the photos online within few hours the whole thing went viral. The post had over 143k like and more than 60k shares. All kind of strangers who had the same experience in their lives started to buy the same kind of lunch bag or a quite similar one. All these strangers too posted the same kind of photo by bringing their lunch bag with colorful cats on it to work. Many kinds of people from different occupations such as firemen to office workers gathered for this campaign. Most of them really appreciated what David Pendragon did to save his loving nephew from bad bullying effects. Next time this may happen to your kid, cousin or to a friend of yours. Some whenever it happens make sure you give them the right anti-bullying medicine just like David Pendragon did. Everyone in the world has the equal right to do what they like to do. There’s nothing to be ashamed of that.





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