Did Harry got graduated

Harry Potter movie facts about the characters

Before years, back in 2001 where there were very few good movies to watch the movie title Harry Potter was brought into the scene. Now the whole series has ended and we all how the end of the film went. According to most viewers, it is safe to say that Harry Potter would be the greatest fantasy movie ever made. Okay! Let ‘s look at what we don’t know about this movie. Even though we all know how the ending scenes went, most of us never found out harry potter facts about the characters after ending the film.

But we know one thing for sure, and that is even though the movie has completed JK Rowling is still earning a quite a bit of money. Among the few ending scenes we saw how Harry’s children were going t Hogwarts. And according to the leaked harry potter behind the scenes from the upcoming movie their children will also going to have a fantastic season at Hogwarts. So there’s going to be a lot of unanswered questions about upcoming harry potter movie facts. For instance, what happened to the Hagrid actor after the final movie and what will happen to the Voldemort and Harry story? Yet, we found some red hot gossips from here and there just enough for you to fall in love with the next harry potter movie.

Hagrid actor at the end


Hagrid was a character who lived through the whole Harry Potter movie series and loved by the viewers. The Hagrid actor was one of the most loyal people to the Hogwarts. And there was a reasonable doubt whether the beloved Hagrid actor would be kicked out from the new series of Harry Potter. However, now it is safe to mention that it has been confirmed the appearance of Hagrid actor in some scenes of the new Harry Potter movie. When the movie series started Hagrid actor was around sixty-eight to seventy-three years old. Accordingly, in the next upcoming movie, he will be aged around eighty-nine years. According to the news coming from the new movie set, Hagrid will invite the potter’s son just like the way he was with Harry Potter, Ron, and Harmine.

Voldemort and Harry

Voldemort and Harry
Voldemort and Harry

Just like every perfect movie series Harry Potter also had some unsolved doubts even the whole series was over. One of the most frequently asked question by the fans was what exactly connects Voldemort and Harry in such an elegant manner. In one of the last books released by JK Rowling gave a few hints about the fact. According to the books when Voldemort and Harry batted while trying to kill each other, part of Voldemort’s soul was attached to harry. But this doesn’t solve the doubt of how did Voldemort and Harry was blood-related which was shown in the last few scenes of the movie franchise. In fact, there are few rumors to connect the relativity of Voldemort and Harry to the Peverell brothers. Peverell brothers are the ones who owned the Deathly Hallows for the first time.

Hogwarts with its new updates

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If you already watched the 7th movie of harry potter, there is no need of explaining the damage occurred after the battles. Due to the fight between the army of Death Eaters and Harry Potter allies, several unrecoverable damages caused to Hogwarts. As a result, when the Potter’s sons return back to the legendary Hogwarts, the school had to be rebuilt. And most importantly if the rumors are true, there will be more fashionable updates to the Hogwarts after the rebuilding process. Even there weren’t any updates to the Hogwarts we should be glad to see Hogwarts in the next movies series. Because when looking at the damage caused due to the massive battle.

Did Harry got graduated?

Did Harry got graduated
Did Harry got graduated

At the beginning of the first Harry Potter movie all three friends Harry, Ron, and Hermione had the goal of getting successfully graduated from Hogwarts. However, after facing an infinite number of adventures and Voldemort’s evil fights did all three of them were able to complete their 7th year and get graduated? Of course, the whole triad had to drop school for a while due to the constant attacks made in the wizarding world. As a result, the Death Eaters were able to release their evil regime successfully.

However, according to the harry potter movie facts only the nerd friend Hermione is going to get his degree at Hogwarts after completing her last year. JK Rowling confirms in Harry Potter facts about the characters that Ron and Harry will not be able to pursue their interests of getting a degree at Hogwarts. Harry Potter behind the scenes will also aid the same facts as the movie goes on.

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